Massachusetts Lead Inspection Information

A Comprehensive Lead Inspection is a surface by surface inspection in the living area of the home with a hand-held analyzer which is state of the art, non-invasive and instantly reading. The Massachusetts Lead Law requires these inspections in all homes where the home is built prior to 1978 and where a child under six resides, regardless of owner-occupied or a rental unit.

Typical types of Massachusetts lead inspections are:

Lead Determinations: Limited in scope and not allowed to be used for deleading

Comprehensive Lead Inspections: Full Lead Inspection on unit and all relevant common areas and exterior

Risk Assessment for Interim Control: A full lead inspection plus an examination of all urgent lead hazards and structural defects in order to obtain a Letter of Interim Control, good for up to two years.

Post Compliance Assessment Determinations (PCADs): A type of inspection performed following the issuance of compliance to assess current conditions

Reinspections: An inspection following deleading or maintenance work to ensure proper work was performed and unit meets cleanliness and dust wipe standards.

RRP Assessments: A limited lead inspection on components which will be disturbed by renovation, repair or painting to determine lead content so lead safe work practices and notification prior to start of work can be properly given.

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